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The Rules !! Empty The Rules !!

Post  Anomyon on Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:28 am

The Rules
1.Only lot when i saiy (for exampel) "Anomyon lot" then anomyon can lot!
2.) You can get 3 points max. @ 1 run
2.1) Early point (18.30 GMT @ Kilusha @ Nashmau H-7)
2.2) Run point ( when u come to run)
2.3) When u dont want to lot at anything ( blue comment write down "+1 point")
2.4) Yellow comment for any lot on abjurations ore something.
2.5) You loose 0,5 point when u leaving the run befor we finished.
3.) When more than 1 comment on a item. then we look how have the most points, whe there are two how have same points we must do /random.
4.)There are two types of comments you can put. Yellow or Blue.
"Blue as said above is for when you want +1 point in a run".
"Yellow is for when you want to lot a specific Abjurations in that run".
5.) When u leave befor the run finished you must tell me that per /tell
6.) When anyone do any wrong thing like lot without me accepet,
then he dont become points from the rund and is suspended from the next run
7.) Abjurations: are on 9 points and the drops from odin on 12
All items without Abjurations: only lot Aragon An me (Anomyon)
8.) Salary points u got 1 point per run un nee 6 points to get salary !
9.) Lot on abjurations only when u have the job on 75
10.) Need to pay for every run ( when we got a money drop then we can make a free run =) )
11.) When at the first run drops any Abjurations and any 1 lot on that ( yellow comment) he become -9 points
I hope you like them =)
Very Happy Very Happy

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The Rules !! Empty Re: The Rules !!

Post  Murtag on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:06 am

These need to be changed, and will change to no blue comment, 2 points for turning up, and it's free to put anything in a yellow comment.


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